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Most of the documents are presented in Ukrainian.

Themes of bachelor’s theses of 2016

Direction of training 6.050801 “Micro- and nanoelectronics”

NoSurname and nameThesis topic (project)Thesis supervisor (project)

Group DP-21
1.Budilko Stanislav IgorovychFiber-optic amplifier on an optical fiber doped with erbiumAssoc. Prof. Dombrugov M.R.
2.Vdovchenko Dmytro VolodymyrovychPhotoelectric converter on heterostructures “silicon nitrides of the third group”Assistant Ulianova V.O.
3.Verba Artem AndriiovychLogical elements of a quantum computer on heterostructures of nitrides of the third groupAssistant Zazerin A.I.
4.Holub Oleksii OlehovychModeling of the process of zone purification of silicon single crystalAssoc. Prof. Vertsanova O.V.
5.Hryhorenko Oleksiy IhorovychFormation of elements of three-dimensional structures “silicon on insulator”Prof. Verbytskyi V.G.
6.Hrytsanenko Mykyta OleksandrovychTechnology of formation of integral structures on the basis of silicon and nitrides of the third groupAssistant Korolevych L.M.
7.Dudka Mykhailo YuriiovychSensor of thermophysical parameters of gas environment by MEMS technologyAssoc. Prof. Orlov A.T.
8.Yesin Dmytro HennadiiovychAmperometric acidity sensors based on zinc oxideAssistant Ulianova V.O.
9.Zolotarevskyi Oleksii IhorovychSystem of measuring microclimate parameters with wireless interfaceAssoc. Prof. Zavorotnyi V.F.
10.Ivanov Oleksandr OleksandrovychMeasurement of lifetime of non-basic charge carriers by the method of transient characteristicsAssoc. Prof. Ilchenko V.I.
11.Knysh Oleksii SerhiiovychSolar energy converter based on silicon elements for autonomous power plantAssoc. Prof. Dombrugov M.R.
12.Kovalskyi Pavlo AndriiovychOptoelectric sensor for non-invasive photohemometerAssoc. Prof. Volkhova T.L.
13.Kuznetsova Daria AndriivnaSolar element on the basis of organo-inorganic hybridsAssist. Fadieiev M.S.
14.Loboda Bohdan OleksiiovychTemperature sensor with wireless communicationAssoc. Prof. Zavorotnyi V.F.
15.Mehed Nataliia VolodymyrivnaEpitaxy of nitrides of the third group in the pores of Al2O3 nanostructuresAssoc. Prof. Bovtun V.P.
16.Naichuk Maksym SerhiiovychSensors on surface acoustic waves based on the change of impedance assistantAssistant Ulianova V.O.
17.Perekhoda Andrii SerhiiovychMethods of increasing the electrical conductivity of microcontacts in integrated circuitsProf. Verbytskyi V.G.
18.Pivtorak Andrii IvanovychDevelopment of a qubit on the basis of a quantum point of the assistantAssistant Zazerin A.I.
19.Selotkin Vladislav OlehovychMass-sensitive sensor on surface acoustic wavesAssistant Ulianova V.O.
20.Sotnikov Volodymyr EduardovychBuffer amplifier with protection against short circuit and overvoltageAssoc. Prof. Orlov A.T.
21.Suruhov Andrii IhorovychModeling of diffusion process in siliconAssoc. Prof. Vertsanova O.V.
22.Tkachuk Yurii VolodymyrovychFormation of nanostructures in Al2O3 filmsAssistant Ulianova V.O.
23.Shul Nazarii IhorovychAmplifier for fiber-optic systems on the Raman effectAssoc. Prof. Dombrugov M.R.

Group DP-22
1.Bakhmut Maksym OleksandrovychInterface block of the laboratory stand for calibration of angular coordinate sensorsAssist. Fadieiev M.S.
2.Beitullaieva Azizie SiranivnaControlled phase inverter based on combined dielectric resonators with E-type oscillationsAssoc. Prof. Tatarchuk D.D.
3.Brahe Kseniia SerhiivnaMethod of measuring microwave parameters of materials based on dielectric resonators with E-type oscillationsAssoc. Prof. Tatarchuk D.D.
4.Vasyliev Andrii OlehovychScreening tests for digital ultra-large integrated circuitsAssoc. Prof. Bovtun V.P.
5.Veremeienko Oleksandr StanislavovychThermal stability of radiation in lamps based on tricolor LED matricesSenior lecturer Nadkernychnyi S.P.
6.Horshkov Oleksandr ViktorovychLaboratory stand for the study of the characteristics of non-volatile memoryAssist. Fadieiev M.S.
7.Horiashchenko Oleh ViacheslavovychMethods of reducing the influence of parasitic resonances in thin-film piezoelectric resonatorsAssistant Zazerin A.I.
8.Zadorozhnyi Oleksandr OlehovychProperties of the structure based on the heterojunction “nanostructured zinc oxide – silicon”Assistant Ulianova V.O.
9.Koliada Mykola SerhiiovychThin-film heater of thermal stabilization systems for scanners of the earth’s surfaceAssist. Fadieiev M.S.
10.Levkovskyi Vladyslav IvanovychNanostructured layers of zinc oxide with the property of self-cleaningAssistant Ulianova V.O.
11.Liedienov Dmytro KostiantynovychOrganic films of perovskite structure for photovoltaic converterAssist. Fadieiev M.S.
12.Mazur Kostiantyn SerhiiovychDigital dictaphone with low power consumptionSenior lecturer Didenko Yu.V.
13.Maliuta Serhiy VasylovychDirected modification of the semiconductor surface using an atomic force microscopeProf. Borysov O.V.
14.Masalskyi Oleksandr OleksandrovychSensor of angular coordinates of the SunAssist. Fadieiev M.S.
15.Mykhailov Oleksii DmytrovychIntegrated circuits of converters of signals of capacitive sensory devicesAssistant Zazerin A.I.
16.Moroziuk Khrystyna YevhenivnaDigital pressure gaugeSenior lecturer Didenko Yu.V.
17.Obukhovskyi Andrii VolodymyrovychHumidity sensor with wireless interfaceAssoc. Prof. Zavorotnyi V.F.
18.Onyschenko Andrii OlehovychThermal stability of microwave dielectrics with high dielectric constantProf. Poplavko Yu.M.
19.Prokopchuk Artem MykolaiovychECG sensor for digital electronic laboratoryAssoc. Prof. Orlov A.T.
20.Romanenko Anastasiia PavlivnaControlled microwave filter based on combined dielectric resonators with E-type oscillationsAssoc. Prof. Tatarchuk D.D.
21.Serhieieva Alina OleksandrivnaElectrophysical properties of bulk and film materials of type Li1,3Al0,3 Ti1,7 (PO4)Prof. Bilous A.G.
22.Tsymbalenko Oleksandr MykolayovychPulse oximetry sensor for digital electronic laboratoryAssoc. Prof. Orlov A.T.
23.Shevliakova Hanna ViktorivnaSurface states at the silicon-oxide interface of rare earth metalProf. Borysov O.V.