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Most of the documents are presented in Ukrainian.

Themes of bachelor’s theses of 2019

Direction of training 6.050801 “Micro- and nanoelectronics”

NoSurname and nameTheme of attestation bachelor’s work Supervisor

Group DP-51
1Bartian Oleh IvanovychMeasuring device for superficial myographySenior lecturer Lupyna B.I.
2Bezruchko Marko ValeriiovychPhotodiode based on InSb using implantation of beryllium ionsAs. Korolevych L.M.
3Bondar Polina StepanivnaSilicon photoelectric converters for spacecraftProf. Yakymenko Y.I.
4Voloshyn Mykyta BorysovychHybrid materials for magnetoresistive sensors based on oxides of transition metalsAssoc. Prof. Obukhova T.Yu.
5Horianin Volodymyr MykolayovychMeasuring instrument of solar cellsAssoc. Prof. Bovtun V.P.
6Zaiats Nelia VolodymyrivnaSilicon photoelectric converters for unmanned aerial vehiclesProf. Yakymenko Y.I.
7Kotliarevskyi Oleksii OlehovychMicroelectronic system for diagnosing the sensitivity of human nerve fibersSenior lecturer Lupyna B.I.
8Kulbachynskyi Oleksandr AnatoliiovychPhotodiode based on InSb using implantation of magnesium ionsAs. Korolevych L.M.
9Linevych Yaroslav OleksiyovychIndividual access identification deviceProf. Yakymenko Y.I.
10Lipko Dmytro OlehovychAutonomous device for measuring the parameters of the battery of an electric carProf. Borysov O.V.
11Madan Roman HryhorovychPhotoconverters based on nanostructured siliconAssoc. Prof. Obukhova T.Yu.
12Mkrtchian Daniil OleksandrovychControlled high-power resonant inverterProf. Borysov O.V.
13Naidonov Arsenii OleksandrovychDigital exposure meterSenior lecturer Nadkernychnyi S.P.
14Okhrimchuk Oleksandr BorysovychOptoelectronic sensorProf. Verbytskyi V.G.
15Panchoshnyi Dmytro OlehovychMicroelectronic primary transducers for measuring the volume flow of gasSenior lecturer Lupyna B.I.
16Chypehin Dmytro VitaliyovychNitrate sensor for digital training laboratoryProf. Yakymenko Y.I.
17Shafarenko Yurii SerhiyovychSensor on surface acoustic wavesProf. Verbytskyi V.G.

Group DP-52
1Boikynia Artur OleksiyovychController of thermoelectric renewable energy sourceAssoc. Prof. Zavorotnyi V.F.
2Vidish Denys IvanovychInvestigation of surface stress spectra of perovskite-like films CH3NH3PbI3As. Kutova O.Yu.
3Vovk Oleksandr HennadiiovychAdjustable illuminator on the basis of LEDsSenior lecturer Nadkernychnyi S.P.
4Hetmanchuk Viktor ViktorovychLow-power piezoelectric motorSenior lecturer Nadkernychnyi S.P.
5Hrachov Dmytro OleksandrovychPeculiarities of photoconductivity of a semiconductor in the microwave rangeProf. Koroliuk D.V.
6Dran Yaroslav AndriyovychInstallation for decorative lighting on the basis of RGB-LED with color control functionSenior lecturer Nadkernychnyi S.P.
7Kumanikin Adrian EduardovychDigital dictaphone with improved frequency response of soundAssoc. Prof. Sviechnikov G.S.
8Kutuzov Mykyta SerhiiovychGlucose sensors with metal nanocrystallitesAssoc. Prof. Obukhova T.Yu.
9Samus Oleksandr StanislavovychInvestigation of electrophysical properties of MOS structures with the help of volt-farad characteristicsAs. Korolevych L.M.
10Skoroplias Vadym LeonidovychOptimal control of a resonant inverter for power supply of an induction furnace with current limitationProf. Koroliuk D.V.
11Sliusar Oleh VasylovychFilter based on dielectric resonatorAssoc. Prof. Sviechnikov G.S.
12Snisarenko Olha ViktorivnaMethods for finding the surface states of MOS structures using volt-farad characteristicsAs. Korolevych L.M.
13Snopyk Bohdan AnatoliyovychAlgorithms for safe entry into the operating mode of a resonant inverter for powering an induction furnaceProf. Koroliuk D.V.
14Fedorov Anton OleksandrovychLife time in porous structures with metal nanocrystalsAssoc. Prof. Ilchenko V.I.
15Khylia Yevheniy VadymovychInfluence of temperature on characteristics of piezoelectric transformerSenior lecturer Nadkernychnyi S.P.
16Tsuman Dmytro SerhiiovychAutomatic hydroponic installationAssoc. Prof. Bovtun V.P.
17Yurchyk Yurii IvanovychDigital humidifier with inhalation modeAs. Kutova O.Yu.
18Yakovenko Vadym VolodymyrovychSystems for collecting, storing and displaying information about the environmentAssoc. Prof. Zavorotnyi V.F.

Group DP-53
1.                  Aimaian MustafaWays to increase the efficiency of thin-film silicon solar cellsAssoc. Prof. Koval V.M. 
2.                  Altunoglu Onur ResulMicroelectronic transducers in the diagnosis of nasal breathingSenior lecturer Lupyna B.I. 
3.                  Bilidzhi MustafaMicroelectronic system for monitoring the parameters of the incubator “Heraeus”Senior lecturer Osinov S.M. 
4.                  Karakush IzzetTechnology of synthesis of optical coatings for transparent electronicsAssoc. Prof. Koval V.M. 
5.                  Ozmetin BurakIlluminating optical coatings for solar cells for space useAssoc. Prof. Ivashchuk A.V. 
6.                  Ozchelik BatukhanHumidity sensor based on porous materialsProf. Verbytskyi V.G. 
7.                  Turkmen KhalilPulsemetry sensor for measuring the delay time of the pulse waveProf. Orlov A.T. 
8.                  Shanai AliSensor of R-peaks of the ECG to measure the delay time of the pulse waveProf. Orlov A.T.