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Most of the documents are presented in Ukrainian.

Themes of bachelor’s theses of 2014

Direction of training 6.050801 “Micro- and nanoelectronics”

Groups DP-01, DP-02

NoSurname and nameThesis topic (project)Thesis supervisor (project)
1.Babych Bohdan BorysovychOptical characteristics of nanodisperse metal-dielectric filmsAssoc. Prof. Machulianskyi O.V.
2.Betin Serhii SerhiiovychInertial sensor of relative coordinatesAssoc. Prof. Bovtun V.P.
3.Karabin Dmytro DmytrovychTechnology of sputtering Al film on silicon substrates by electron beam methodProf. Verbytskyi V.G.
4.Kniazevych Mykhailo VasylovychDetermination of diffusion length by the system of automatic data processingAssoc. Prof. Ilchenko V.I.
5.Kuziv Petro VasylovychTechnology of silicon dioxide films formation by silicon oxidation methodProf. Verbytskyi V.G.
6.Panin Viktor ViktorovychDevelopment of the device of regulation of brightness of the LED in the integrated software environmentSenior lecturer Voievodin S.V.
7.Punda Konstiantyn YuriyovychElectrophysical properties of oxygen-conducting materials based on zirconium dioxide, stabilized by complex oxides of scandium and ironProf. Bilous A.G.
8.Rohovskyi Denys IoannovychRadiation spectra of GaxInyN LED structures on siliconAssoc. Prof. Volkhova T.L.
9.Smilyk Vitalii OlehovychEnergy efficient coatings based on metal-dielectric structuresAssoc. Prof. Machulianskyi O.V.
10.Stepanova Mariia OleksandrivnaElectrophysical properties of porous siliconSenior lecturer Obukhova T.Yu.
11.Subbotska Iryna DmytrivnaNanostructured solar cellsSenior lecturer Koval V.M.
12.Fedorchuk Oleksandr PetrovychInvestigation of dependences of coherence parameters of semiconductor lasers on heterostructures on temperatureAssoc. Prof. Volkhova T.L.