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Most of the documents are presented in Ukrainian.

Topics of master’s theses in 2022
(educational and professional program)

Group DP-11mp

NoSurname and nameTopics of master’s dissertationsSupervisor
1.Honcharov Artem VolodymyrovychSoftware and hardware complex for researching the characteristics of semiconductor diodesSenior Lecture Korolevych L.M.
2.Didus Roman IhorovychProduction of films of the ZnO-Cd system and study of their structure, optical properties, and photocatalytic activityAssoc. Prof. Ievtushenko A.I.
3.Ivankin Viktor AndriiovychThermoEMC of ferromagnetic Co/TiO2 compositesAssoc. Prof. Ievtushenko A.I.
4.Kostenko Vitalii VolodymyrovychMicrowave absorbing and shielding properties of K1-xLixTaO ferroelectric crystalsAssoc. Prof. Bovtun V.P.
5.Mazulenko Dmytro OleksiiovychModeling of polar bonds in crystalsProf. Poplavko Yu.M.
6.Soloshchuk Bohdan PavlovychProperties of ZnO:Al,N films grown in oxygen-poor conditionsProf. Yakymenko Y.I.
7.Filonenko Yevhenii OleksandrovychSimulation of quantum algorithms in the form of optical circuitsProf. Yakymenko Y.I.
8.Tsukanov Oleksandr VadymovychElectrical characteristics of Schottky diodes based on IGZOProf. Borysov O.V.
 9.Chornyi Yaroslav VasylovychAbsorption and shielding of electromagnetic waves by BaTiO3-BaZrO3 ceramics in the frequency range 1 MHz – 1 THzAssoc. Prof. Bovtun V.P.
10.Shkapa Anton SerhiiovychA smart gas sensor based on a Schottky diodeAssoc. Prof. Zavorotnyi V.F.
11.Shchehlakov Viacheslav DmytrovychMicroelectronic sensors for air quality control systems of clean areasProf. Yakymenko Y.I.