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Most of the documents are presented in Ukrainian.

Themes of bachelor’s theses of 2020

Group DP-61 

NoSurname and nameTheme of attestation bachelor’s workSupervisor
1Abraimov Oleksii ValeriiovychDetermination of the basic electrophysical parameters of structures of metal-dielectric-semiconductor on volt-farad characteristicsas. Korolevych L.M.
2Bairamov Ruslan MakhirovychRadiation stability of functional devicesprof. Verbytskyi V.G. 
3Haliuk Illia YevhenovychMicroelectronic receivers of electromagnetic radiation in the phytoactive spectral rangeprof. Borysov O.V.
4Lespukh Serhiy VolodymyrovychSensor device of air quality controlprof. Yakymenko Y.I.
5Merkotan Oleksandr YuriiovychGlucose sensors on nanoscale heterostructuresassoc. prof. Obukhova T.Yu.
6Novikov Denys OleksandrovychSelection of optimal parameters of photodiodes for optical pyrometryassoc. prof. Sviechnikov G.S.
7Rudakov Dmytro YuriiovychSequential inclusion of tunnel diodesprof. Borysov O.V.
8Rudyi Serhii SerhiiovychDegradation of solar elements in the conditions of open spaceprof. Yakymenko Y.I.
9Skyba Ivan VasylovychSynthesis of silicon nanostructures by the method of metal-stimulated chemical etching for photovoltaics and sensorsassoc. prof. Koval V.M.
10Khyzhniak Ivan AnatoliyovychData collection device based on ESP-32prof. Orlov A.T.
11Tchaikovskyi Dmytro VolodymyrovychCombined device for determining the basic vital signs of manassoc. prof. Didenko Yu.V.
12Yakymenko Vladyslav YuriiovychComposite materials based on carbon for use in unmanned aerial vehiclesprof. Borysov O.V.

Group DP-62

No Surname and name Theme of attestation bachelor’s workSupervisor
1Berdnyk Kyrylo YuriiovychImage analysis systems in the methods of visual quality control of ISassoc. prof. Vertsanova O.V.
2Verbitskyi Dmytro OlehovychOperational amplifier on super-β transistorsprof. Yakymenko Y.I.
3Vorobiov Vladyslav YevheniiovychOptical liquid crystal sensorsassoc. prof. Rodionov M.K.
4Vorovskyi Viktor VolodymyrovychExtra-long fiber-optic communication lines with the use of optical amplifiers on erbium-doped fiberprof. Yakymenko Y.I.
5Hontarenko Yurii OleksandrovychMicroelectronic system for monitoring and analysis of atmospheric air pollutionsenior lecturer Lupyna B.I.
6Morozov Dmytro VadymovychSilicon structures metal-dielectric-semiconductor stack typeas. Korolevych L.M.
7Pavliuk Vladyslav Petrovych Controlled temperature regulator for experimental heating installationsenior lecturer Nadkernychnyi S.P.
8Postnov Yan OlehovychThin-film capacitive pressure sensorassoc. prof. Rodionov M.K.
9Tykhonenko Mykhailo ValeriiovychMicroelectronic primary converters for the device of artificial ventilation of lungssenior lecturer Lupyna B.I.
10Tykhonenko Oleksandr ValeriiovychElectrophysical properties of the structure melanin / porous siliconassoc. prof. Obukhova T.Yu.
11Tkachenko Nikita SerhiiovychSemiconductor sensors of resistive type gasprof. Verbytskyi V.G.
12Tokach Andrii IvanovychExtra-long fiber-optic communication lines with the use of Raman optical amplifiersassoc. prof. Dombrugov M.R.