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Most of the documents are presented in Ukrainian.

1 course
Introduction to measurement techniques
Foreign language-1. Practical foreign language course-I
Informatics-1. Personal computers and programming basics
Informatics-2. Programming and algorithmic languages
History of science and technology
Materials and components of micro- and nanosystem technology
Basics of a healthy lifestyle

Ukrainian language for professional purposes

2 course
Current issues of Asian communities
Environmental safety of engineering activities

Economic psychology

Martial arts
Game sports

Foreign language-2. Practical foreign language course-2
Quantum Mechanics (EE)
Course work on the theory of electronic circuits
Semiconductor electronics
Semiconductor electronics (EDD)
Computational mathematics
Fundamentals of e-government
Fundamentals of quantum theory
Political science: a conflictological approach
Psychology of conflict
Psychology of scientific and technical creativity
Smart cities
Complex coordination sports

Social psychology
Styles in fine arts
Solid State Electronics (EE)
Solid State Electronics (EDD)
Theory of electronic circuits – 1
Theory of electronic circuits – 2
Solid State Physics (EE)
Philosophical foundations of scientific knowledge
Cyclic sports

3 course
Foreign language of professional orientation-1. Practical foreign language course for professional orientation-I
Intelligent information systems

Course work on electrodynamics
Semiconductor electronics
Fundamentals of micro- and nanosystem technology
Fundamentals of sensor electronics
Fundamentals of micro- and nanosystem technology (EE)
Business law
Sensory materials and technologies
Circuitry-1. Analog circuitry
Solid State Electronics (EE)
Solid State Electronics (ECS)
Signal and systems theory
Technological bases of electronics
Dielectric physics
Semiconductor physics
Digital signal processing

4 course
English for Professional Purposes-2. English language of professional-oriented communication. Business speech
Economics and organization of production
Microwave microelectronics
Microprocessors and microcontrollers
Information collection, processing and transmission systems
Radio frequency signal processing systems
Circuitry-2. Digital circuitry
Circuitry-3. Course project
Physical and technological bases of nanoelectronics-2. Technological bases of nanoelectronics
Physical basics of sensory
Functional electronics