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Topics of master’s theses in 2023
(educational and professional program)

NoSurname and nameThesis topicThesis supervisor
Specialty: 153 Micro- and Nanosystem Engineering. Educational and professional program: Micro- and Nanoelectronics
Group DP-21mp
1Berest Vitalii YuriiovychActive infrared illumination to improve the optical image in low-light conditionsBorysov O. V.
Vorona Artem SerhiiovychElectron microscopy method for studying the topology of integrated circuitsVertsanova O. V.
Holubets Margaryta AndriivnaSystem of stabilization of power of optical pulses for pyrometer-reflectometerYakymenko Yu. I.
Hrabar Oleksandr OleksandrovychQuantum computing for hydrogen energyKoroliuk D. V.
Hudzei Dmytro IhorovychVibrational spectroscopy of nickel oxideYevtushenko A. I.
Korenevskyi Nikita VadymovychModeling of diffusion processes in microelectronicsKoroliuk D. V.
Melnyk Anastasiia BohdanivnaElectron microscopy method for studying the subsurface structures of 3D NAND microcircuitsVertsanova O. V.
Moskalenko Serhii VitaliiovychPhotoluminescence of zinc oxide with different contents of cadmium impurityKoroliuk D. V.
Poshukailo Kateryna OleksandrivnaOrganic photodetectors based on melaninYakymenko Yu. I.
10 Rybin Zakhar YuriiovychHumidity sensors based on melaninYakymenko Yu. I.
11 Stetsenko Nazar TymofiiovychMicroelectronic sensors in breathing diagnostic devicesBorysov O. V.
12 Tololo Vadym OleksandrovychElectron microscopy method for investigating the quality of solder joints of electronic componentsVertsanova O. V.
13 Fitsai Bohdan PetrovychPyroelectric energy convertersKoroliuk D. V.
14 Fitsai Ruslan PetrovychVibration sensors based on electrically controlled piezoelectric effectKoroliuk D. V.