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Most of the documents are presented in Ukrainian.

Themes of bachelor’s theses of 2023

NoSurname and nameThesis topicThesis supervisor
Group DP-91
1Bulan Roman AnatoliiovychThe relationship between electric polarization and conductivityPoplavko Yu. M.
2Vasylenko Mykhailo YevhenovychIntelligent system of remote recognition of objectsKoroliuk D. V.
3Holub Anatolii OleksandrovychAutomatic control system for two submersible pumpsVerbytskyi V. H.
4Kern Mikael VolodymyrovychSystem of automation and dispatch control of the complex with several alternative power sourcesSviechnikov G. S.
5Kolchik Olha AndriivnaQuantum algorithms for searching for objects in an unordered listKoroliuk D. V.
6Konstantinov Oleksandr IvanovychMicrowave response of a coplanar waveguide with a magnetic/dielectric plateBovtun V. P.
7Kryvets Oleksii IhorovychPhoto-receiving module with extended dynamic rangeVoronko A. O.
8Lysenko Pavlo YaroslavovychStructure and optical properties of ZnO:Y films deposited by high-frequency magnetron sputteringYevtushenko A. I.
9Pavlovei Dmytro FedorovychPiezoelectric filter design modules in the Cadence Virtuoso environmentOrlov A. T.
10Panchuk Andrii ValentynovychGas sensor based on surface plasmon resonanceMachulianskyi O. V.
11Persunov Dmytro OleksandrovychElectrophysical properties of thin layers of melaninObukhova T. Yu.
12Prokhorenko Pavlo MykhailovychMicrowave dielectrics with high dielectric constantPoplavko Yu. M.
13Radchuk Vitalii VolodymyrovychStand for temperature studies based on Peltier elementsDidenko Yu. V.
14Remez Serhii OleksandrovychBroadband microwave metamaterialsOrlov A. T.
15Sachevnik Viacheslav LeonidovychSensors of environmental parameters based on silicon nanowiresKoval V. M.
16Chornokozynskyi Yevhenii IhorovychMicrowave absorption in shielding coatingsPoplavko Yu. M.
17Shakun Denys OleksandrovychPhotoluminescence and Raman scattering of ZnO:Al,N filmsYevtushenko A. I.
18Shubynskyi Yaroslav OleksiiovychSystem of automatic control of coptersKoroliuk D. V.
Group DP-92
1Atamaniuk Oleksandr AndriiovychNanostructured protective filmsOsinov S. M.
2Bozhenko Maksym DenysovychSensor fire alarm systemOrlov A. T.
3Herashchenko Yaroslav RomanovychAvalanche process in the MIS structureVoronko A. O.
4Holovchenko Yaroslav OlehovychElectronic sensors for diagnosing human nasal breathingBorysov O. V.
5Danyliuk Oleh VadymovychProtective coating of the midfrequency 5G range based on metamaterialsDidenko Yu. V.
6Dmytriiev Volodymyr OleksandrovychA sensor for determining the flow rate of waterOsinov S. M.
7Illiushchenko Mariana VolodymyrivnaSingle-phase relay to protect equipment from voltage dropsDidenko Yu. V.
8Kryvosheia Bohdan Romanovych“Smart house” technology for a suburban cottage complexSviechnikov G. S.
9Kulikov Borys OlehovychElectron microscopy of semiconductor structuresVertsanova O. V.
10Luhova Veronika OlehivnaElectron microscopy method for investigating subsurface defects of electronic components and ICsVertsanova O. V.
11Mochuk Pavlo StepanovychOptical properties of thin layers of melaninObukhova T. Yu.
12Ovdii Oleksii AndriiovychEffects of nonlinear quantum optics and their application in optronicsYakymenko Yu. I.
13Panchenko Sofiia AndriivnaFlexible humidity sensors based on nanocellulose for biomedical applicationsKoval V. M.
14Rakhman Dmytro OleksandrovychVideo surveillance systems with active infrared illuminationYakymenko Yu. I.
15Sverdliuk Anastasiia IhorivnaMicrosystem for environmental monitoringOsinov S. M.
16Tkalenko Yana YuriivnaA source of optical radiation for a pyrometer-reflectometerVoronko A. O.