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Most of the documents are presented in Ukrainian.

Topics of master’s theses in 2021
(educational and professional program)

Group DP-01mp

NoSurname and nameTopics of master’s dissertationsSupervisor
1.Abraimov Oleksii ValeriiovychPreparation of samples for metallographic quality controlAssoc. Prof. Vertsanova O.V.
2.Vorobiov Vladyslav YevheniiovychFuel dispenser control and indication unitProf. Verbytskyi V.G.
3.Vorovskyi Viktor VolodymyrovychApplication of the oscillator model for the analysis of electronic materialsProf. Poplavko Yu.M.
4.Lespukh Serhii VolodymyrovychUltrasonic carbon dioxide sensorAssoc. Prof. Vertsanova O.V.
5.Merkotan Oleksandr YuriiovychSurface morphology of structures with a layer of melaninProf. Yakymenko Y.I.
6.Postnov Yan OlehovychSignal power amplifier in the range of meter wavesProf. Koroliuk D.V.
7.Rudakov Dmytro YuriiovychSynthesis of silver-doped zinc oxide nanostructures for photocatalytic decomposition of organic pollutantsAssoc. Prof. Ievtushenko A.I.
8.Tykhonenko Mykhailo ValeriiovychDeposition of doped Al ZnO films by magnetron sputtering when substrate voltage changesAssoc. Prof. Ievtushenko A.I.
 9.Tykhonenko Oleksandr Valeriiovych Absorption and shielding of electromagnetic waves by nanocomposites of ferromagnetic conductive nanoparticles in a dielectric matrixAssoc. Prof. Bovtun V.P.
10.Tokach Andrii IvanovychApplication of the relaxer model for the analysis of electronic materialsProf. Poplavko Yu.M.
11.Khyzhniak Ivan AnatoliyovychDigital laboratory data collection deviceProf. Yakymenko Y.I.