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Topics of master’s theses in 2019

NoSurname and nameTopics of master’s dissertationsSupervisor
Speciality 153 “Micro- and Nanosystem Engineering”,
Educational program (specialization): “Micro- and nanoelectronic devices”
Group DP-81mp
1.                  Bondarenko Maksym OleksandrovychDielectric films for IR photodetectors are deposited by chemical gas-phase depositionAssoc. Prof. Machulianskyi O.V.
2.                  Heivakh Yurii PetrovychOptoelectronic frequency-amplitude converterProf. Verbytskyi V.G.
3.                  Holiachenko Dmytro SerhiiovychMolecular antennas based on calcium silicates for biotechnologyAssoc. Prof. Koval V.M.
4.                  Demydov Volodymyr VolodymyrovychDiffusion-recombination parameters of silicon single crystalsProf. Yakymenko Y.I.
5.                  Denysiuk Pavlo VitaliiovychSilicon thin-film photoelectric convertersProf. Osinskyi V.I.
6.                  Knysh Yevhen PavlovychFeatures of electric discharge technology for purification of man-made contaminated liquidsAssoc. Prof. Sviechnikov G.S.
7.                  Kravchenko Andriiy AnatoliiovychDetector of ionizing radiation based on photodiode – scinsillation materialAssoc. Prof. Sviechnikov G.S.
8.                  Kropyva Andrii VolodymyrovychSimulator of the Sun for measuring the angular characteristics of sensorsAssoc. Prof. Ivashchuk A.V.
9.                  Lapshuda Vladyslav AnatoliiovychOxygen sensor for internal combustion enginesProf. Yakymenko Y.I.
10.             Lys Andrii OleksandrovychMulticomponent compounds based on metal hydrides for the needs of renewable energyAssoc. Prof. Ivashchuk A.V.
11.             Matiash Oleksandr SerhiiovychHybrid solar cells based on silicon – polymer structuresAssoc. Prof. Koval V.M.
12.             Pohrebennyi Oleksandr AndriyovychLaboratory stand for the course “Microelectronic information sensor systems”Prof. Orlov A.T.
13.Campues Campues Luis HenriPulse oximeter on the built-in platform Genuino – 101Prof. Orlov A.T.
Speciality 153 “Micro- and Nanosystem Engineering”,
Educational program (specialization): “Microelectronic information systems
Group DP-82mp
1.       Venher Oleksandr AnatolyevichMetal oxides for photovoltaics, formed by the magnetron methodAssoc. Prof. Ivashchuk A.V.
2.       Volynskyi Dmytro PavlovychSensitive structures nanostructured silicon – melaninProf. Yakymenko Y.I.
3.       Hontar Oleksandr OleksandrovychThe properties of absorbing composite materials have been studied by electron spectroscopyAssoc. Prof. Vertsanova O.V.
4.       Krysenko Pavlo IhorovychIntelligent monitoring system and climate control of premisesProf. Yakymenko Y.I.
5.       Lapa Volodymyr OleksandrovychMethod of measuring parameters of materials on the basis of composite microstrip resonatorProf. Poplavko Yu.M.
6.       Nemyrovych Oleksandra AndriivnaTemperature and frequency properties of piezoelectric crystals of germano- and silicosilinitesProf. Poplavko Yu.M.
7.       Samoilov Andrii VolodymyrovychControlled filter on the basis of a microstrip lineProf. Poplavko Yu.M.
8.       Shimko Hlib YuriiovychIR photodiodes based on InSb single crystalAssoc. Prof. Machulianskyi O.V.
9.       Yasnohorodskyi Maksym AndriiovychSymmetrical tunnel diodeProf. Borysov O.V.