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Most of the documents are presented in Ukrainian.

Topics of master’s theses in 2016

Speciality 8.05080101 “Micro- and nanoelectronic devices”

Group DP-41m

NoSurname and nameTopics of master’s dissertationsSupervisor of the master’s dissertation
1.       Babych Bohdan BorysovychCutting filters in the visible range of the spectrum based on metal-dielectric structuresProf. Rodionov M.K.
2.       Betin Serhii Serhiiovych Software and hardware complex on the basis of the microcontroller for remote control of power consumption of a server roomProf. Borysov O.V.
3.       Karabin Dmytro DmytrovychResearch of properties of aluminum films in technology of integrated circuitsProf. Verbytskyi V.G.
4.       Kniazevych Mykhailo VasylovychInvestigation of the properties of polysilicon films in integrated circuitsProf. Yakymenko Yu.I.
5.       Kuziv Petro VasylovychInvestigation of the properties of silicon dioxide films in integrated circuitsProf. Yakymenko Yu.I.
6.       Panin Viktor ViktorovychContactless sensor of biophysical potentialsAssoc. Prof. Orlov A.T.
7.       Punda Kostiantyn YuriiovychElectrophysical properties of bulk and film, oxygen-conducting materials based on zirconium dioxide, stabilized by complex oxides of scandium and ironAssoc. Prof. Zavorotnyi V.F.
8.       Rohovskyi Denys IoannovychMicroelectronic system for recording acoustic parameters of human respirationProf. Yakymenko Yu.I.
9.   Smilyk Vitalii OlehovychMetal-dielectric radio-absorbing coatings based on ferromagnetic materialsAssoc. Prof. Machulianskyi O.V.
10.   Stepanova Mariia OleksandrivnaSensory structures with porous siliconProf. Poplavko Yu.M.
11.   Subbotska Iryna DmytrivnaSilicon nanostructured film solar cellsProf. Poplavko Yu.M.
12.   Fedorchuk Oleksandr PetrovychMagnetically controlled resonant elements: synthesis, structure, propertiesProf. Borysov O.V.