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Most of the documents are presented in Ukrainian.

Topics of diploma works of specialists in 2017

Speciality 7.05080101 “Micro- and nanoelectronic devices”

Group DP-61s

NoSurname and nameThesis topicThesis supervisor
1.Vdovchenko Dmytro VolodymyrovychController of a renewable light sourceprof. Yakymenko Y.I.
2.Horiashchenko Oleh ViacheslavovychSystems of adaptive thermoregulationsenior lecturer Nadkernychnyi S.P.
3.Hrytsanenko Mykyta OleksandrovychSensor of angular coordinates of the Sun on heterostructural photoelectric converters nc-Si/i-Si/c-Sias. Fadieiev M.S.
4.Yesin Dmytro HennadiiovychSolar batteries of the nanosatellite Poly ITAN-2-SAUas. Ulianova V.O.
5.Naichuk Maksym SerhiiovychFlexible thin film transistors based on indium, gallium and zinc oxideas. Ulianova V.O.
6.Suruhov Andrii IhorovychMicroprocessor system of adaptive control of lightingsenior lecturer Nadkernychnyi S.P.

Group DP-62s

No Surname and name Thesis topicThesis supervisor
1.Barylovskyi Oleksandr SerhiiovychIon-stimulated processes in the technology of obtaining thin films of aluminum and titanium silicideprof. Yakymenko Y.I.
2.Verba Artem AndriiovychFilms (In2O3)x(SnO2)1–x obtained by magnetron sputteringas. Fadieiev M.S.
3.Ivanov Oleksandr OleksandrovychDetermination of the lifetime of non-basic charge carriers in silicon wafers by digital processing of relaxation characteristics of Al/Si contactsassoc. prof. Ilchenko V.I.
4.Obukhovskyi Andrii VolodymyrovychIntercom communication system based on IP-telephony technologyprof. Yakymenko Y.I.
5.Tkachuk Yurii VolodymyrovychMeasurement of photoplethysmographic indicators from the video signalas. Ulianova V.O.
6.Shul Nazarii IhorovychFiber-optic telecommunication network on passive optical couplers in the segment of URAN network in Khersonassoc. prof. Dombrugov M.R.