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Most of the documents are presented in Ukrainian or Russian.

Methodical recommendations for compiling a list of used literature (ukr)

Y. Poplavko, Y. Prokopenko V. Molchanov. “Tunable Dielectric Microwave Devices with Electromechanical Control”, In book; Passive Microwave Components and Antennas, Edition “In-Tech”, 2010

Yuriy Poplavko, Yuriy Prokopenko, Victor Molchanov, Victor Kazmirenko. “Ferroelectrics Study at Microwaves”, In book; Ferroelectrics. Characterisation and modelling, Edition “In-Tech”, 2011

Yuriy Prokopenko, Yuriy Poplavko, Victor Kazmirenko, Irina Golubeva. Electromechanical control over effective permittivity used for microwave devices”, In book; Dielectric Material, Edit. “In-Tech”, 2012  

Avaev N.A., Naumov Yu.E., Frolkin V.T. Fundamentals of microelectronics (rus)

Batavin V.V. etc. Measurement of parameters of semiconductor materials and structures (rus)

Bogdan G.I. Methodical instructions for homework and tests on the course “Microelectronics” (rus)

Bogdan G.I., Kobtsev Yu.D. Methodical instructions for course design on the course “Microelectronics” (rus)

Bogdan G.I., Khtsynskii N.I. Methodical instructions for course design on the course “Microelectronics” (design of schemes on MOS structures) (rus)

Borysov O.V. Fundamentals of Solid State Electronics: A Textbook (2011) (ukr)

Borysov O.V., Yakymenko Y.I. Solid State Electronics: Textbook (2018) (ukr)

Vorobiev Yu.V. etc. Methods of research of semiconductors (rus)

Dombrugov M.R. Modeling of semiconductor materials technology. Laboratory workshop (ukr)

Dombrugov M.R. Modeling of semiconductor materials technology. Lecture notes (ukr)

Dombrugov M.R. Computational mathematics. Computer workshop (ukr)

Zi S. VLSI Technology (Volume 1) (rus)

Zi S. VLSI technology (Volume 2) (rus)

Ivashchuk A.V. Synthesis and diagnostics of nanostructures: laboratory workshop (ukr)

Ivashchuk A.V. Chemistry of materials: laboratory workshop (ukr)

Kazarnovskii D.M., Tareev B.M. Tests of electrical insulating materials (rus)

Koledov L.A. Technology and designs of chips, microprocessors and microassemblies (rus)

Koledov L.A., Volkov V.A., Dokuchaev N.I. etc. Design and technology of chips. Course design (rus)

Kurnosov A.I., Yudin V.V. Technology of production of semiconductor devices and integrated circuits (rus)

Machulianskyi O.V., Tatarchuk D.D. Methodical instructions for laboratory work on the course “Modeling of technology and IC” (ukr)

Machulianskyi O.V., Tatarchuk D.D. C ++ modeling: a textbook (ukr)

Miller Yu.G. Physical bases of reliability of integrated circuits (rus)

Molchanov V.I., Kobak M.M., Tatarchuk D.D. Methodical instructions for laboratory work on the course “Microelectronics of ultrahigh frequencies” (ukr)

Nadkernychnyi S.P. Materials and components of electronics. Curriculum and guidelines (ukr)


Book 1. Mladenov G.M., Spivak V.M., Koleva E.G., Bogdan A.V. Introduction to nanoelectronic technologies (rus)

Book 2. Yakimenko Y.I., Shmyreva A.N., Mladenov G.M., Spivak V.M., Bogdan A.V., Koleva E.G. Nanostructured materials and functional devices (rus)

Pavlov L.P. Methods for measuring the parameters of semiconductor materials (rus)

Petrov K.S. Passive components of electronic equipment (rus)

Pojela Yu.K. Physics of ultrafast transistors (rus)

Poplavko Yu.M. Electrophysics of solids (ukr)

Poplavko Yu.M. Fundamentals of the physics of magnetic phenomena in crystals: a textbook (rus)

Poplavko Yu.M. Dielectric Physics: A Textbook for Universities (1980) (rus)

Poplavko Yu.M. Dielectric Physics: a textbook (2015) (ukr)

Poplavko Y.M., Borysov O.V., Ilchenko V.I., Yakymenko Y.I. Microelectronics and nanoelectronics. Introduction to the specialty: textbook (ukr)

Poplavko Y.M., Borysov O.V., Yakymenko Y.I. Nanophysics, nanomaterials, nanoelectronics: a textbook (ukr)

Poplavko Yu.M., Voronov S.O. Physical Materials Science (2015) (ukr)

Poplavko Y.M., Molchanov V.I., Kazmirenko V.A. Microwave dielectric spectroscopy (ukr)

Poplavko Yu.M., Pereverzeva L.P., Raevsky I.P. Physics of active dielectrics: a textbook (rus)

Poplavko Y.M., Yakymenko Y.I. Piezoelectrics (ukr)

Poplavko Yu.M., Yakymenko Yu.I. Physical mechanisms of piezoelectricity (rus)

Prokopenko Y.V., Tatarchuk D.D., Kazmirenko V.A. Computational mathematics: a textbook (ukr)

Rez I.S., Poplavko Yu.M. Dielectrics. Basic properties and applications in electronics (rus)

Stepanenko I.P. Fundamentals of microelectronics (rus)

Tatarchuk D.D. Algorithmic language Pascal: a textbook (ukr)

Tatarchuk D.D., Didenko Yu.V. Informatics (ukr)

Tatarchuk D.D. Home test work on the course “Microwave Microelectronics” (ukr)

Tasks for laboratory work on the course “Programming and algorithmic languages” (ukr)

Individual tasks from the course “Informatics-2. Programming and algorithmic languages” (ukr)

Physical materials science:

Part 1 – Yakimenko Y.I., Voronov S.O., Poplavko Y.M. Promising areas of materials science (ukr)

Part 2 – Poplavko Y.M., Pereverzieva L.P., Voronov S.O., Yakymenko Y.I. Dielectrics (ukr)

Part 3 – Poplavko Yu.M., Voronov S.O., Yakymenko Yu.I. Conductors and magnets (ukr)

Part 4 – Poplavko Y.M., Ilchenko V.I., Voronov S.O., Yakymenko Y.I. Semiconductors (ukr)

Hansperger R. Integral optics. Theory and technology (rus)

Chernyshev A.A. Fundamentals of reliability of semiconductor devices and integrated circuits (rus)

Chopra K.L. Electrical phenomena in thin films (rus)

Schick A.Ya. etc. Physics of low-dimensional systems (rus)

Shmyreva O.M., Semikina T.V. Technological bases of electronics: methodical instructions for performance of laboratory works (ukr)