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Some achievements of the Microelectronics Department:

– for the first time in Ukraine the training of specialists in microelectronics has started;
– the scientific theory of inhomogeneous dielectrics and physical bases of reliability semiconductor devices has been created; scientific school of dielectric spectroscopy; dielectric dispersion theory; new materials, devices and devices of the microwave range;
– the scientific direction on development of piezo- and ferroelectric converters is created;
– functional electronics devices based on ferroelectric and piezoelectric materials have been developed and implemented.

More than 5,000 engineers trained; 7 doctoral and about 100 candidate dissertations were defended; 25 textbooks, manuals and monographs were published; published more than 3,000 scientific articles; 350 copyright certificates for inventions and 65 patents of foreign countries were received; developed and introduced into production 60 samples of new equipment.

Among the graduates of the department are 3 academicians of the NAS of Ukraine, more than 100 doctors of sciences, two Heroes of Socialist Labor and more than 10 laureates of State Prizes.

The department has established world-renowned scientific schools: “Electronic devices and systems for energy” (supervisor – Academician of the NAS of Ukraine, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Y.I. Yakimenko) and “Microwave dielectric spectroscopy” (supervisor – Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor Y.M. Poplavko).

Thus, step by step, the staff of the department prepares for the country highly qualified bachelors, masters, doctors of philosophy and doctors of sciences, conquers new heights of science and technology. Behind all these achievements are specific people – employees of the department.

International scientific cooperation
Germany Institute of Materials Science Berlin, University of Aachen, Duisburg.
France Universities of Paris, Limoges
Czech Republic University and Institute of Physics Prague
Netherlands University of Delft
Portugal University of Aveiro
The main directions of scientific research
∙ Physics of semiconductor and dielectric materials
∙ Synthesis of new electronics materials
∙ Renewable energy sources, photovoltaic energy
∙ Piezoelectric devices and appliances
∙ Microelectronic sensors, elements of functional electronics
∙ Dielectric elements and microwave devices
∙ New semiconductor devices
∙ Computer technology
Microstructure of composite materials
Ultrasonic sensors, vibration sensors
Microwave measuring cell for measuring tanδ in the range of 5…20 GHz
Device for monitoring computer power supplies
New amorphous and composite semiconductors

Basic research

∙ Mechanisms of polarization, phase transitions, dielectric dispersion
∙ Dielectric spectroscopy of a wide range of frequencies
∙ Mechanisms of pyroelectric, piezoelectric effects, ferroelectric ordering
∙ Optoelectronic processes in inhomogeneous semiconductors inhomogeneous, polyphase and composite materials

Series of piezoelectric motors

Photovoltaic module on a spacecraft
Photoelectric converter based on multicrystalline silicon
Photosensors based on nanoporous silicon
Solar module