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Scientific research institute of applied electronics

Scientific research institute of applied electronics

 03056, Kiev, street Polytechnical, 16

 Tel 236-96-76, E-mail:


             The scientific research institute of applied electronics is engaged in development and introduction of the modern electronic equipment and devices for the industry, power, communication and medicine. The scientific research institute carries out the order " the Southwest railway ", « The Kiev underground »,  "Kiev Water canal", «Trolleybus management of Kiev", “Ukrtelecom" and cooperates with a lot of Institutes NASU (Electrodynamics Problems of materiology, Physics of semiconductors, Magnetism).

          A number of outstanding scientific employees (including 8 doctors and 26 candidates of sciences) works in the institute. Employees of the top skills make 30 % from total working in scientific research institute. In structure of scientific research institute 2 departments, 8 laboratories and 10 sectors work.
The basic directions of activity:
 - Stations of management and protection of electric motors with microprocessor management;
 - Equalisers of jet power of parallel type on modules IGBT;
 - charge-discharge and charge-stabilizing devices;
 - Systems of uninterrupted power supplies 0,3-6KVA;
 - Piezoelectric engines of systems of automatics with the moment up to 40 kg
- piezokeramic electric filters on frequencies up to 10 MHz;
 - Photo-electric panels and converters;
 - Sensor controls and gauges of systems of automatics;
  - Computer systems of safety VisaNet ™.



          In 2001 development SRI «Charge-discharge installation 50-120 » became the winner in a nomination « Scientific and technical development » competition " The Leader of a fuel and energy complex - 2001 ".

             In 2003 employees SRI  Dzuba V.G., Nerus O.M. and Polunin O.V. have received differences of the Kiev city state administration and NAS of  Ukraine at 3 competition of scientific and technical projects " the Mental potential of young scientists - to the city of Kiev " behind a direction " New computer means and technologies of information of a society ".
Piezoelectric engines and drives

           SRI is the unique enterprise in Ukraine which develops and producesto order piezoelectric engines and drives on their basis. The inventor of these devices works in scientific research institute.  Under management of Lavrinenko V.V. some tens patents in the leading countries of the world (the USA, the Great Britain, Germany, France, Sweden, Japan, others) are patented.


      The piezoelectric engine is an electric motor of essentially new type, in which copper windings for excitation rotation moment replaced by elements from a ceramic material. The engine can be used in the technical and technological purposes, the medical equipment in a mode of a direct drive  that considerably reduces noise and raises reliability of a drive. Unlike electromagnetic analogues, the piezoelectric engine practically instantly speeds up and instantly stops.
Systems for automatic control of the industrial pump equipment

         Installations AKN-2, AKN-3 and AKN-4 are used for automatic control of the pump equipment behind pressure with its simultaneous protection against emergencies. Installations provide automatic start of the equipment after emergency switching-off.

The medical equipment
   High-frequency device EHVA-50G/120B "Nadezhda-2 " is applied in medicine to cutting and coagulation of soft fabrics and vessels by a current of high frequency at carrying out of surgical operations in operational premises of hospitals. 
Computer systems of safety
    In scientific research institute a number  systems for the control, the account and safety of work as separate enterprises, and of some public services are issued. First of all, it is the first domestic computer system of video observation and protection VisaNet ™. Opportunities of system allow to write down a television signal from 1 up to 16 videocameras, to select  modes of a videocompression and record of the videostuff, independently to program modes of record and the control of each over 16 videocameras, to define presence of movement in the stuff, backup the written down videostuff, to carry out search of the videostaff from archive on time and date, to reconsider video archive and the current image on a computer network on distance.
         FaceControl 1.0 - computer system of automatic recognition of the person for use by control services.
AvtoControl 1.0 - computer system of automatic recognition of license plates of cars without their stop and the account of motor transport in places of a parking, fixing of infringements of the traffic regulation, etc.

FingerScan 1.0 - the monitoring system of physical access on the basis of biometric identification and verification of the person behind a fingerprint.





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