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Some achievements of faculty of microelectronics

Some achievements of faculty of microelectronics:

- For the first time in Ukraine the preparation of experts and areas of microelectronics was begun;
 - The scientific theory non-uniform insulators and physical bases of reliability of semi-conductor devices was created; scientific school of dielectric spectroscopy; the theory of a dielectric dispersion; new materials, devices and devices of the microwave-range;
 - The scientific direction from development piezo-and segnetoelectric converters is created;
 - Devices of functional electronics on the basis of segneto- and piezomaterials are developed and entered.
        4 000 engineers are prepared; it is protected 5 doctor's and about 100 master's theses: 25 textbooks, manuals and monographies are published; it is published over 3 000 scientific articles; 350 copyright certificates on inventions and 65 patents of foreign countries are received; it is developed and entered into manufacture of 60 samples of new technical equipment.
        Among graduates of the department  over 200 candidates of sciences, 20 doctors of sciences, 3 member-correspondents NAS of Ukraine, two Heroes of Socialist Work, over 10 winners of the state premiums.
The department  is the leader in the field of electronics of a firm body and has based a number of the schools recognized in the world and directions.
       So, step by step, the collective of department  prepares for the country of highly skilled bachelors, experts, masters, candidates and doctors of sciences, subordinates new tops of a science and technical equipment.

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