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History of faculty microelectronics NTUU

History of the  microelectronics department

         In 1962 the department  of insulators and semiconductors together with faculties of electronic and ionic devices and industrial electronics became the founder of department  of radio electronics (now called department  of electronics).

Under direction of M.M. Nekrasov the department  has taken in the lead positions: insulators and their application and microminiaturization of the electronic equipment. Forty persons worked in such collective and 12 teachers among them.


         In 1967 on the basis of department  the First All-Union scientific and technical conference of microelectronics has been lead. Leading experts of the academic and branch scientific research institutes, higher educational institutions and the industrial enterprises took place in it. Teachers and scientific workers of department  have made over 50 reports. This conference has begun development of microelectronics in the USSR and Ukraine.
         In 1971 the department  has started to publish the interdepartmental scientific and technical collection «Insulators and semiconductors» which at once became widely known among scientific community and appreciably assisted development of solid-state electronics.

           In 1953 - 1974 the collective of department  was filled up with the most presented and its perspective graduates: J.D.Kobtsev, I.I.Kletchenkov, G.G.Bogdan, A.M.Grotte, V.O.Hrashchevsky, V.I. Ilchenko, V.V.Zaika,A.P.Fabrikov,M.Y.Poplavko, B.J.Jazitsky, V.S.Savoshchenko, V.V.Lavrinenko,O.V.Bakuntcev, O.V.Borisov, G.Tinyakov,L.P.Pereverzeva, Y.I.Yakimenko, O.L.Boychenko.

Almost all of them have protected master's degrees, M.Poplavko and J.I.Jakimenko became doctors of sciences, have headed scientific schools in the field of segnetoelectrics and functional piezoelectrics.
           The best scientific achievements of department  were repeatedly marked by awards at the international and all-Union exhibitions. The best scientists became winners of the premium of a name of O.S.Popova.
         In 1974-1985 department  has headed by prof. Yuriy Maksimovitch Kalnibolotsky. For this period scientific and pedagogical activity is advanced, the material base has especially developed: the branch laboratory of piezoelectric engines, modern educational laboratories has been created, curricula and programs of preparation of experts are updated.
       Since 1985 the department  is headed by Yuriy Ivanovich Jakimenko, the professor, Dr.Sci.Tech., corresponding member NAS of Ukraine.
Development of the microelectronics, new technologies in manufacture of integrated microcircuits required the experts. In 1985 the preparation of engineers on a speciality «Microelectronics and semiconductor devices » began.
     The structure of department  included laboratories: functional piezoelectronicpiezomotors, Microwave electronics, semi-conductor converters, semi-conductor structures, physics of semiconductors.
            In  1993 on the basis of scientific divisions of department  the Scientific research institute of applied electronics was founded, where students had an opportunity to accept direct participation in scientific researches. Here mainstreams of work of institute:
 - Functional electronics on the basis of  segneto and piezomaterials;
 - Piezoelectric engines;
 - energysaved technologies;
 - Photoelectric converters of energy;
 - Dielectric materials for devices of the microwave rage;
 - Materials and devices of optoelectronics;
 - Microelectronic gauges of physical sizes;
 - Elements and devices of medical electronics;
 - Modelling the physical phenomena in materials and devices.




        Today the department  prepares for bachelors, experts and masters on a speciality «Microelectronics and semi-conductor devices»  and on a speciality «Physical and biomedical electronics» .

        The postgraduate study of department  works in three directions: « Solid-state electronics and microelectronics »; « Integrated electronics »; « Physics of insulators and semiconductors ».

        The department  has modern is preceptive-laboratory base, classes of computer technics, etc.

        Educational process is provided with the highly skilled scientific and pedagogical staff: 7 professors, 3 corresponding members NAS of Ukraine, 16 senior lecturers, candidates of sciences.

The powerful contribution for preparation of the engineering and scientific stuff for many foreign countries was made.


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