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The department was found in 1952. The department  prepares for bachelors of electronics, engineers and masters on a speciality "Microelectronics and semi-conductor devices" and also " Physical and biomedical electronics ".
Speciality " the Microelectronics and semi-conductor devices " has specializations:

·          Functional nano- and microelectronics;
·           Information microelectronic systems

And speciality "Physycal and biomedical electronics " has specialization

·      biomedical sensoric.

The department  has modern educational laboratories, computer

classes, local  computer network, which connected with INTERNET.

In 1994 on the basis of department was created scientific-research institut

of  applied electronics in which scientific researches in different directions are carried out.

The department is the participant of the European scientific programs and has business relations with many  of high schools of the USA and the Western Europe. Graduates of the department work at the enterprises of electronic industry, in scientifically research institutes, in establishments of state management, in commercial structures



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